Posted by: markfender | February 3, 2015

C:tL – Eyes on Fire: Session Six


The Save the Hobs benefit is in full-swing, in place of the regular Bridge Market. Genesis P. Frogington the Third is organizing the benefit. Paul and other Changelings have set up craft booths, to at least pretend that nothing terrible has happened to their regular Bridge Market.

Dani and Darby are walking along the promenade when a child comes up to Dani and gives her a bag. The bag contains a bomb, which Dani throws away quick enough to avoid damage. However, Darby ends up taking some shrapnel damage. She accuses Dani of trying to harm her and runs into the night. Meanwhile, Dani has spotted the origin of the bomb – her fetch. More angry shouting transpires between the two until Dani attacks her, only to discover that any wounds she inflicts upon her fetch appear on herself instead. They’re dragged apart by cops and questioned about the bombing, but eventually released.

Yes, Dani’s fetch did use her own child to deliver a bomb.

Meanwhile, Uile has been receiving more and more messages from a mysterious source, usually the television in a bar. He is referred to as “Ollipiest” and told to “enact the grand mystery.”

Dani finds Darby eventually and they make up. Darby promises to not run away again. The two of them plot revenge against Dani’s fetch in light of this new information that Dani can’t seem to harm her.

Uile tries to make nice with Nettle, who is becoming increasingly belligerent as Summer approaches and her ascension to Queen becomes more certain. Tom Bramble also wants a smooth transition of power and tries to get the other Spring Court members to provide assistance in transitioning to Summer. This is an uphill battle as Martin Ten-Bones is protesting the benefit, riling up the local community. Things get worse when Shimmer announces the results of her investigation into Nora Evashka, claiming that Nora is responsible for the abducted Changelings. This sets Nettle on the warpath.

Nobody ever questioned the reasons Shimmer had for making her pronouncement public. After all, she indirectly may have just started a war…

While she’s not yet Summer Queen, Nettle still feels like she can answer for Nora’s crimes and takes a large group of Summer Changelings to Nora’s club to confront her. Many of the city’s Changelings end up following her and witness her confrontation with Nora. Nora claims innocence. Nettle resists violence, but promises to make Nora pay. Uile and Paul search the back rooms of the club. They find rooms where people had once stayed, but no presence of Changelings is found. Later that night, after closing, Nora’s club burns to the ground.

The song in this particular instance could have been ironic. After all, I wasn’t sure if the session would turn to violence or not. The combat between Dani and her fetch turned out to be the only bits of violence, with everything being resolved by talking. In fact, there was a lot of talking – talking Darby down, talking Nettle down, conniving on how to best Dani’s fetch, etc. This might have been the talkingest session yet.

This also marks the end of the first arc (although the players weren’t aware of that at the time). The next session gets crazy.




  1. “This might have been the talkingest session yet.” and we talk like mad in these games.

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