Posted by: markfender | March 3, 2015

C:tL – Eyes on Fire – Session 9

“A Drowning”

Darby has run off from the group, only to find herself in the Green Zone, Tom Bramble’s survivor community. The grass is wet with melted snow. He has Hobs known as Huntsman patrolling, along with human survivors.

As Tom leads Darby through his new community, explaining all the work that has been done to make this a viable operation, Darby is actually impressed. She wonders out loud why Tom was never this good a leader before the apocalypse.

Seriously, the most hated NPCs early in the game were Nettle and Tom Bramble; Nettle for being an angry militant who refused to listen to reason, and Tom who wouldn’t stick up for anyone or anything in his Court. I think the whole table was confused by his sudden change into Useful Guy.

The Huntsman are the new antagonists in the rebooted second edition Changeling: the Lost: The Huntsman Chronicle (That isn’t out yet). I know nothing about them. I just stole the name.

Tom tells Darby about the community circle the small group keeps every night. This is an opportunity for the community to bond together, as well as for the changelings present to gain Glamour, as they tell a story/sing a song/whatever. He offers tonight’s slot to Darby. Darby goes to prepare her song on Tom’s battered acoustic guitar.

Meanwhile, the rest of the PCs are working on infiltrating the Green Zone and finding Darby. Dani changes into a dog and sneaks in. She finds Darby, but is unable to communicate clearly. Eventually, the others sneak in as well and meet up with Darby. Uile in particular is impressed with Tom’s new management style and thinks it might be a good idea to work together. Tom, however, doesn’t want anyone to leave. He’s insistent that it’s too dangerous out there and that “she” can protect Darby if she stays here.

This immediately twigs everyone’s Keeper radar as they realize Tom is working with the Gentry. Thus begins the running gun battle, with humans and hobs on one side trying to prevent the group from leaving, and the PCs just punching things until they fall down.

I tried to run this scene like the project fight in True Detective. I printed out Google maps of Portland neighborhoods to give it more verisimilitude. Unfortunately, I have the perfect “problem” group – one of the PCs is incredibly hard to hit and another is incredibly hard to damage and balancing encounters between those two extremes can be difficult (Add in the fact that another PC is neither of those two things and you can start to see the problem). In fact, if I was running a combat game, I would probably be complaining a lot more about this. But, since I’m not running a combat game, this scene just didn’t really work as well as I’d hoped. A little lackluster in opposition. Oh well.

Once Darby and the others return to the enclave, everyone is glad to have her back. Matthew takes her to the side and berates her for abandoning him. Not that he was concerned for himself, but that she didn’t think he was capable of protecting her. Darby apologizes. Nettle also gives Darby a stern talking-to. Strangely for Nettle, it’s a heartfelt conversation about how much it would hurt Darby’s other Motley members for Darby to run away. Nettle lets slip that her and Shimmer’s Motley lost a Motley member this way and that it still hurts. Darby promises to think about others more in the future.

Nobody really knew the back story behind many of the other changelings in the city and this was me trickling some of that out. And, wouldn’t you know, their errant Motley member shows up next adventure…as if I had planned it all along.

The group tries to visit the Lowe’s again to see if the band of survivors have weakened any. They find another group of survivors currently cleaning out the place. These survivors have fashioned ‘technicals’ out of trucks and SUVs. They have weapons, Eddie Bauer clothes, and probably all attended liberal arts colleges. Dani sees her fetch with the survivors. They have another screaming match at each other as Dani’s fetch tells Dani that she was trying to prevent the apocalypse by killing Dani earlier. Now, she’s dedicated to destroying Dani and all of her friends. The yuppies take off into the night and the group scavenges what remains from the abandoned Lowe’s.



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