Posted by: markfender | March 10, 2015

C:tL – Eyes on Fire – Session 10

“Red Right Hand”

Okay, it’s not like super original to use Nick Cave in a White Wolf game, but c’mon, it’s so appropriate.

Dani has sent her packs of wild dogs into the streets of Portland to try to find additional humans to build a community around. The first people they find are Ben, Amy, and Paul. They’re not as frightened of changelings as others are because their brother was a changeling (One of the ones that Nora kidnapped back before The Big Oops). While they only really know what he told them, they’re not immediately jumping to conclusions as to the scourge that has overtaken the world. After a few moments of negotiations, they’re willing to join the changeling community.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group has been looking for a new place to live. They find an abandoned apartment building that seems fairly well protected.

This part of the game consisted of scouring Google Street View for a defensible building in Portland. Technology!

While scouting out the building, they get the feeling that someone is spying on them. This turns out to be real as The Jack steps out of the shadows and attacks the group in the middle of an apartment. The group fights him off, only to have him twist away and disappear on them again. As they return to let the others know about great new place they found, they feel like they are being followed. Nettle and Shimmer, when informed, tell the group that if the Jack shows back up, to let them handle it.

Everyone begins moving across town. This requires many trips across broken roads and through roving bands of hobgoblins. And, of course, there’s corpses and other gross things to dispose of in the new place. So, it’s a pleasant day for everyone.

I don’t really do menacing horror all that well, so the Jack trailing them could have been done better. But, that also would have required more random attacks and creepy notes and I eventually get bored of just repeating that stuff with no payoff, so I moved on.

And, of course, as they near completion on their move, the Jack shows up again. Shimmer and Nettle immediately move to intercept him, where they begin talking him down. He complains about how he had to kill his children (the hobs) in order to prevent the apocalypse and it still didn’t work. Now, he finds that the current Hobs (The Huntsman) aren’t familiar with him and keep attacking him. During the course of this conversation, it is revealed that the Jack is Shimmer and Nettle’s missing Motley member and that his fetch killed himself before the Jack ever escaped the Gentry (Shimmer and Nettle believe this is where his crazy comes from). They manage to talk him down and he morosely follows the groups around as they move.

The PCs immediately decided that they need to find Darby’s fetch to prevent her from committing suicide. After all, if a suicidal Fetch caused the Jack, there’s no telling what the already unhinged Darby will turn into. The Jack’s changeling form is of a twisted tree with railroad spikes sticking out in strategic places. These are covered in blood and gore that has soaked into the surrounding wood, giving him a morbid and frightening appearance (He’s based on an Anglo-Saxon poem, The Dream of the Rood, because I am pretentious).

Uile, while carrying a heavy couch across town, finds that his Keeper is whispering to him from the woods. Regardless of what Uile does, his Keeper will emerge triumphant, the whispering insists. Uile disagrees and they spend a fair amount of time arguing about story structure and whether stories will be remembered forever.

The Jack, who is apparently now hanging around, bothers each of the PCs with his morose, stalkery vibe. He hovers behind them as they try to get their new community set-up and complains about various things, such as how he can’t seem to find his Season, how all of his Hob children are dead and that he had to kill them, or how tasty their blood might be. At one point, Darby and him have a confrontation in which Darby lays out how his crazy is not helping and that hers is.

This worried the players more than the Jack did, I think.




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