Posted by: markfender | March 18, 2015

C:tL – Eyes on Fire – Session 11

“To Bring You My Love”

It was inevitable that PJ Harvey appear on the soundtrack. Inevitable.

The changelings are establishing their new home. Nettle and Shimmer break down the wall between the apartment complex’s office and the apartment across the hall to create a sort of communal living space. Boss Hogg begins moving furniture from abandoned apartments into this new space.

Boss Hogg was an NPC that evolved over the course of the game. When the apocalypse happened, the group decided that one of their two Ogres should stay with those not traipsing around the city. Since one of the PCs is an Ogre, that pretty much means that Boss Hogg never gets to leave the living space. Which is fine – PCs are primary, after all – but it does mean that he gets left behind whenever adventures elsewhere are happening. Now, he just spends a lot of his time “nesting.”

In one of the few trips back to the old place to pick up the last of their gear, the PCs hear that the building has been attacked and ransacked. Good thing they moved. Genesis P. Froggington the Third begins acting like the building supe, bringing the needs of the humans in their care to the changeling’s attention. In the few weeks since they’ve moved in, they’ve also managed to attract some more survivors to the apartment complex.

Paul continues building out the infrastructure of the apartment complex. Paul (the human) starts helping him, since he’s got machine shop experience. Despite his complaining of nightmares, he becomes a capable assistant.

Yes, there is an NPC with the same name as a PC. That was a total accident, but, once it happened, I decided to embrace it. Now, Paul wants to get T-shirts saying “The 2 Pauls.”

The Jack continues to lurk around. He approaches various people and creeps them out. To Uile, he complains about his lack of a Season and how hollow this makes him feel. To Dani, he talks about how he had to kill all the hobs in order to protect them. Nobody is convinced.

Uile runs across some Huntsman and notices that they seem to have gotten bigger (They resemble treelike Uruk-Hai now). Reiko reveals that she believes they get stronger every time they are killed. This causes Uile to think that maybe their deaths are triggering an entrance to the Hedge. He recruits the Jack to investigate. Being familiar with the Hedge and in killing hobs, the Jack seems ideal for this mission. The Jack agrees.

Amy (one of the humans) complains about being attacked by the Jack. He doesn’t really have an alibi, but insists on his innocence. Genesis P. Froggington calls a council meeting to discuss the punishment. Dani thinks that something is off with the Jack attacking Amy, and Reiko agrees. She sensed Autumn flaring about the time that Amy reports being attacked. Since there’s only two people with Autumn Contracts (Reiko and Nuala), she suspects Nuala did something.

Nuala is one of the B-list changelings that’s in the background. She resembles a giant stuffed Raggedy Ann doll, except she’s used magic marker to give herself black eyeliner.

When confronted, Nuala admits to using her Autumn Contracts on Amy to awaken her greatest fear. It’s just a weird coincidence that the Jack is her biggest fear (or is it? Dun-DUN-DUN). She is punished by the collective.

Honestly, we debated what the punishment should be for so long that I forgot what it was. But I’m sure she’s very remorseful.

The apartment is attacked by a group of yuppies. They arrive in SUVs and pick-up trucks onto which they’ve mounted flamethrowers. They create a cordon of fire to funnel everyone into the apartment complex. Dani’s fetch leads the attack. As Nettle coordinates the few guns from the roof to attempt to take out the flamethrower ammo, the PCs head out the front door. Dani spots the piece of mirror that her fetch used earlier to cast the spell on her hanging from the rear view mirror of one of the trucks. Uile heads to that truck, ripping off the door, and extracting the piece of mirror. He tosses the mirror to Dani as he moves to attack Dani’s fetch. This proves to be a problem as the ritual is still in effect. Uile manages to knock out Dani by punching her fetch.


The PCs are able to drive off the yuppies, capturing six of them, including Dani’s fetch. While the PCs begin interrogating the survivors as to their motivations, Dani confronts her fetch. She breaks the ritual by dipping the broken mirror into her own blood and then stabbing her fetch, who hisses defiance til the end.

The Grey Huntsman appears to Dani as she stands over the dead remains of her fetch. He congratulates her on becoming the hunter instead of the hunted. He wants her to continue her new role as hunter. To do so, he gives her a secret – where her fetch learned her magic from, as well as where her children came from (since fetches are infertile). Her fetch made a deal with the Keepers, but the Grey Huntsman cursed the deal – “The blood of the misbegotten shall save the world.” He wants the other Keepers to know what it feels like to be hunted, and so he arranged for their dooms to be placed in the fetches they created. Armed with this new knowledge, Dani returns to the interrogation already in progress.

It would be madness to directly attack the Gentry (as the power levels they’ve demonstrated so far would put them way out of the league of the PCs). This scene laid some of the groundwork for how to defeat them, as well as some their internal motivations as to why they came here in the first place.

It turns out that the yuppies were really just following Dani’s fetch. She can be persuasive. They think the changelings are monsters and want to drive them out but, after receiving decent treatment as their captives, they begin to see that maybe they should just leave them alone. It was Dani’s fetch’s crusade anyway, they insist. The PCs prepare to take them back to their enclave in a hostage exchange.

Two fetches down and four Gentry still left. The countdown to the end has begun. Each fetch killed has ended up changing the landscape significantly (the first triggered the apocalypse while the second signaled a way to strike back). Will all the fetches signal important changes? Signs point to “yes.”


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