Posted by: markfender | March 31, 2015

C:tL – Eyes on Fire – Session 13

“No. 1 Crush”

The group returns to home base after their defeat of Darby’s Keeper. Boss Hogg is fastidiously cutting out coupons. When asked, he says that he leaves them with his IOUs in stores to lower the amount of money he’ll owe people when the world returns to normal.

At bed check that night, it is discovered that Nuala is missing. She eventually wanders back in, saying that she was talking to Hail the Ash. She’s discovered that each of his iterations has been linked to a different season – the small Huntsman the group ran into in Tom Bramble’s Green Zone were Spring, eager to help the humans establish a community while the larger uruk-hai versions were Autumn, thriving on the fear they causes from hunting throughout the city. Neither Nuala nor Hail the Ash are aware of what Season his current large troll form is.

Uile decides that the objects they found in the Hedge (oh so long ago) were hints as to how to destroy their Keepers. Since his Keeper is all about stories, he decides to visit the Portland opera and attempt to make a Contract with Drama in order to defeat him. He consults Reiko, who has no idea on how to forge a new Contract, but encourages him to give it a try. The group heads to the opera house and discovers that there was a performance at the time and the audience is now dead. They figure out through contextual clues that the performance was of The Magic Flute right before the intermission. Uile and Darby perform the final aria before the intermission to a rotted, bloated audience and are rewarded by an ovation carried in the air. This doesn’t seem to bear any magical power to Uile, but the applause does make him think that he’s on the right track.

I was improvising here and just arbitrarily picked The Magic Flute. Of course, our wikipedia research showed that the last aria before Act 2 is the cast declaring that virtue and righteousness will sanctify life and make mortals like gods. So, bonus pretentious points.

On the way back to the home base, the group runs into Hail the Ash, asking where the “sad one” is. She usually visits him and didn’t come today. Dani surmises that this is Nuala and goes to visit Nuala in her room. She’s being a sullen teenager.

Matthew approaches Uile and Darby and says that, if they are going to do anything about those evil children that Dani’s fetch left behind, they should do something now before the Whispering Pines people have time to erect more sturdy barricades. Uile seems against the entire killing children thing, but Matthew convinces him that they at least need to talk to them. After all, whenever a fetch has died previously, it has meant a dramatic change in the world…except when Dani’s died.

The group goes to kidnap the children. They bring Matthew and The Jack with them as backup. Being the stealthiest, Dani and The Jack sneak into the compound and find the creche where the children are sleeping. They hear whispering from inside: “Mother’s coming?” “No, this one is false.” More whispering is heard where the the boy asks if the one coming will “blow up this time.” While Dani and The Jack are figuring out the best way to sneak in, the children steal out of the house and leave the compound.

The group reorients to following the children, who lead them to a playground shrouded in fog and fresh snow. Spiderwebs glitter in the trees. The fog caused the children to get waylaid – one got tangled in a swing set and the other banged her shin on the merry-go-round, so the group catches up to them. While talking with Dani, the boy takes out a knife and opens up his belly. Dani wrestles the knife away from him and get the girl into the back of their truck. Meanwhile, the boy lays on the ground, clutching his wound, bleeding into the snow.

From the blood emerges a female form that grabs Dani’s leg. As she begins to pull herself out of the blood, Dani sees that it is her fetch. The fetch grapples with Dani and steals the piece of mirror she used earlier. She pushes the mirror into her face, creating a strange, jagged mirrored eye out of the piece of mirror. Dani kicks at the eye and shatters it into a million pieces, driving the blood-covered form back into the pool of blood and away forever.

Or is she?!?!??! Dani’s player seemingly refused to roll less than seven successes on all rolls for the remainder of the session.

While this weird fight is occurring, Uile senses something odd. Once the fetch is vanquished (again), he realizes what it is – an opening to the Hedge. He alerts The Jack, who quickly leaps into the blood pool, the portal to the Hedge closing behind him.

Is it that this point that Dani’s Keeper shows up, congratulating her on becoming the true hunter. This spawns an epic chase between the two of them as the Keeper attempts to get away from Dani. Dani’s die-rolling continues to be ridiculous, so she quickly catches her Keeper, using the dog collar she received in the Hedge, mixed with the blood coating her (seriously, she was just in a wrestling match with a blood-covered crazy person) to trap her Keeper, who coils up into a small metal ball locked into the collar.

The rest of the group takes the wounded children back to the apartment complex. Shimmer and Darby watch the door while Reiko attempts to learn what she can from them. She emerges with a pillowcase soaked in blood that she says she needs to study. Uile goes to talk to the children shortly thereafter and finds that Reiko has smothered the boy, but the girl seems unharmed.

Uile has a talk with the girl and discovers that she’s not human in any way – a fetch made by a fetch. She says that “he’s coming” and that “he had a long way to travel,” but she doesn’t come across as a well-adjusted person. Uile asks her to tell him her story, which she does (although it’s not embellished in any way and comes across as a dry litany of facts). Uile then kills the girl, promising to tell her story.

So, this was apparently my “Ogres make the hard choices” session. Reiko and Uile both kill children. Dani’s player is my most passive player, so I had to plan for her not doing anything this session, so my back-up plan (which thankfully wasn’t needed) included another Ogre making hard choices. (In Dani’s defense, her player will engage with every single NPC. She drove the Nuala/Hail the Ash story bits this session. But he does tend to let events happen to him, whereas I am a “what do you guys wanna do?” sort of GM and the two aren’t necessarily compatible).

The combination of a bloody fetch emerging from a pool of blood, the performance to a dead audience, and evil children probably made this the creepiest session. The song was mostly about Dani’s Keeper, but included some bits about her fetch as well.



  1. I felt Ulie actually did things in the game, I have a tendency to play him very unsure of what to do. Dany and Ulie have a plan to end this and hopefully bring Portland back to the proper level of weird.
    Side bar – Ulie really, really wants to talk to the children’s father. While talking to the girl, she mentioned that mommy and daddy created her and now he is wondering how much the father knows of fitches and changelings. – Side bar over

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