Posted by: markfender | April 14, 2015

C:tl – Eyes on Fire – Session 14

“Jesus Christ”

Dani decides to throw a party. After getting some flack from people who think maybe a party isn’t appropriate, she decides to change it to a remembrance party. She recruits Darby into writing some nice poetry, and Paul makes a plaque commemorating the occasion. The party is somber, but ultimately uplifting.

Paul works on his dybbuk box to entrap his Keeper. While doing so, he dreams of his Keeper, who informs him that all of Paul’s attempts to trap him will fail. Since his Keeper was hidden in Paul’s fetch, it turns out that his Keeper left behind a fetch-like creature behind in Fairie that acted as Paul’s Keeper, and without parts from this mysterious figure, he’ll never be able to trap his Keeper. When Paul awakens from his dream, he discovers that he’s finished the box. Reiko analyzes it and thinks that there’s definitely something missing – like a way to keep the Keeper contained.

Uile is getting more and more desperate in finding his fetch. He goes onto the apartment roof and sees that the trees that have broken through the streets of Portland appear to be fuzzy. Getting closer, they have all turned into strange television static trees that Uile can barely make out some grainy television footage in. He sees a man who looks very similar to himself walking down a deserted street. He sees the same man watch a performance of The Magic Flute on a television screen in a shop window. He sees the same man hiding underneath a car while looters move down the street. Dani, who accompanied Uile in examining the trees, sees none of this.

It is discovered, after the party, that Nuala hung herself. Darby cuts her down and buries the body. Dani and Uile go to tell Nuala’s friend Hail the Ash about her death. He is distraught. Again, Darby and Paul collaborate on some poetry about Nuala, while Paul designs some intricate celtic knotwork incorporating the words. They offer to “tattoo” it onto Hail so that he can remember his friend. He accepts, but wonders what it will mean when this current form dies and he is reborn into some other form.

Genesis P. Frogginton the Third calls a house meeting. He and the humans have voted and want to kick the PCs out of the house. They are responsible for the world as it is. They brought armies to their doors. They kidnapped and killed children in the apartment. While Genesis signed a Pledge with the PCs and is grateful for the help, he also doesn’t think they’re a safe element and wants them far away from this last bastion. There is much arguing. Nettle and Shimmer both take the PC’s side and Darby gets distraught. Eventually, Uile decides that this is fine and that he welcomes the banishment. After all, it makes a good story and that is what his Keeper needs. Darby has a tearful goodbye with Nettle and Shimmer and Uile fistbumps with Boss Hogg, but the group (accompanied by Matthew) are on their own now, forced to wander Portland alone.

This could have gone either way. I based Genesis P. Froggington on Rygel from Farscape, so he’s all about himself.

The first place they head is their old homes. Paul discovers that his garage was broken into, but he’s able to scavenge a decent tool set. Their old Hollow is closed off (due to the Hedge being closed), but they decide to see what they can learn from it anyway. Matthew decides to knock on the door, seeing as how that’s how he met the PCs, and someone on the other side of the door knocks back. However, when they open the door, there is no Hedge and no Hollow (and definitely no person knocking). As they contemplate this, a dark stain starts to appear on the door, leaking through.

This session was a bummer, but deliberately so. I wanted someone to commit suicide, just because that seems like a reasonable, human response to the apocalypse, but didn’t necessarily want to kill off some of the NPCs to do it (and, honestly, the way most of them have developed, they don’t seem like suicidal people). So, yes, I established this Nuala character two sessions ago in order to lead to this eventual outcome. It probably would have hit harder if it was a longer established NPC, but you works with what you got. Likewise, getting kicked out was a bit of a bummer also, considering how much the group has done to establish the safe home that they had. But it’s always darkest before the dawn…


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