Posted by: markfender | April 21, 2015

John Wick on John Wick

(John Wick is a fictional character, portrayed in the movie John Wick, by Keanu Reeves. John Wick is also a game designer, responsible for such games as Legend of the Five Rings and Houses of the Blooded. Neither John Wick were involved in the writing of this.)

john wickLet me tell you about my friend, John. John is a typical PC. He has incredible skills with weaponry. He was trained by hitmen and assassins. He’s a lone wolf.

I don’t like John.

John has no reason to care about my game. He has no buy-in to the stories I’m trying to tell. In order to get John involved, I have to make him care about something, anything.

So I gave him a dog.

And then savagely killed the dog.

Now, John cares. John is angry. John wants the world to burn. John will go to any length to accomplish this goal.

I like John.



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