Posted by: markfender | April 22, 2015

The RPG Virus

Everyone was introduced to roleplaying by someone else.

virusSure, in the very beginning of the hobby, someone had to buy that D&D thing sight unseen and puzzle through it. But it eventually became a group activity with several roleplaying virgins being initiated. And then those people spread it to other people.

RPGing is a thing that doesn’t really make a lot of sense until you do it yourself. Even television depictions of the activity don’t really convey what it actually is (and are usually played for “look at the nerds” humor). It’s not an activity that really shows how fun and/or interesting it can really be until you sit down and inhabit a character yourself.

Other games are probably viruses also. All the card games I know how to play were learned from other people explaining it to me. I never sought out a deck of cards and a book of card game rules to learn card games. They’re just social activities that develop naturally from boredom.

But maybe that’s not all that insightful. Because games typically require more than one player, and so, naturally, they rope other people into them. Still, I wonder if the only reason more people don’t play RPGs is because GMs aren’t sharing the love.



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