Posted by: markfender | June 2, 2015

Watch Pockets

What is the point of that extra pocket on jeans?

According to the sort of sites that would know, it’s a watch pocket. Originally invented by that Levi guy, it kept your pocket watch safe in your jeans (What was wrong with the bigger pocket?).

Of course, no one has a pocket watch anymore. In fact, the wristwatch was invented before blue jeans were, so it seems like the pocket watch was already fading in popularity by the time the ubiquitous pant of the last two centuries was dominating the pant market.

Now, there’s lots of silly things that people do because “that’s the way they’ve always been done.” But the thing to me is that jean styles have evolved over the years, but somehow no one ever seems to think to get rid of that extra pocket. I used to wear those ridiculous Bugle Boy jeans because everyone else did, until we started wanting our jeans torn to shreds before we purchased them. The waist of jeans was somewhere around our navels in the ’80s, only to plunge lower and lower over the years. Carpenter jeans were popular for a short time. But that pocket has stayed.

Could we make that pocket deeper? Because it’s just about the right width for my phone. Or could Apple come out with the iPocket or something – some fancy electronic device that fits perfectly into that pocket watch-sized hole in our jeans? Let’s innovate our jeans!



  1. I’ve always found that pocket handy for loose change! I turned up some references that agree with that pocket being a “watch pocket”, but I wonder if it has shrunk somewhat over time. I’ve just grabbed three different pairs of jeans and a pocket watch (passed down through the family from 1904) – on two pairs the “pocket” isn’t wide enough to fit the watch into, and it only just fits into the third. If I was actually wearing the jeans I don’t think I could get the watch out again.

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