Posted by: markfender | July 1, 2015

Gen X’s Legacy?

It’s been an exciting week for social justice.

rainbow-confederate.jpg(I mean, if you consider social justice exciting. Personally, I’m not gay nor living in a state with a confederate flag heritage, so everything seems pretty standard over here). And all I really have to say on the whole matter is: go Gen-Xers!

Now, I don’t think Gen X was responsible for the recent outcry against the Confederate flag, nor were any Gen X people dressed in weird judge robes making pronouncements about marriage. But I think the ground swell of support for both initiatives was definitely triggered by something that us Gen Xers did….had better children.

Yeah, it’s all Generation Y, or those millenials, that did the major social shifting. Us Gen Xers grew up bitter and resentful of our parents and….just acted bitter and resentful about it. We didn’t accomplish anything, really. We were mad and sullen about stuff, but basically we just reacted against it by going to our rooms. But, we did have kids. And those kids have turned out to care a lot about things outside their four walls.

And we raised nice children. They want to eat healthy! They want everyone to enjoy the same privileges they do. They’re concerned about the environment. Sure, they have dumb beards and wear nerd glasses all the time, but they genuinely want to improve things. And, yes, they also murdered journalism and attention spans, but you’ve got to take the good with the bad. Which is a nice change from the previous generation, who pretty much just despaired.

So, good job, Gen Xers! Your kids are better than you! All that angst accomplished something!


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