Posted by: markfender | July 22, 2015

Exalted Rules, Part II

Besides using an alternate rules system for Exalted, I’m also adapting some other rules systems to my game.

echoWhile my game is based around uncovering your character’s Past Lives, I didn’t think this was necessarily a strong enough push for a game. Every adventure would need to somehow come back to that Past Life thing if I wanted to keep the throughput going, and I don’t feel confident enough to unspool things in a satisfying way.

So, I added a domain management layer.

Specifically, I’m using An Echo Resounding from Sine Nomine. It’s the domain management rules for the Red Tide setting and it’s hardcore OSR stuff. So, obviously, I had to adapt the rules in that book to be a weird White Wolf hybrid thing. Which I did. I’m not entirely convinced that I’ve translated some of the military units into acceptable Exalted levels, but I think that’s a fairly easy tweak to work into the game itself once I see it at the table.

The specific reason I picked those domain management rules was because I liked it’s emphasis on Lairs and Ruins. Lairs are the trouble spots in your realm – the orcs that raid your homestead from the cave a few miles away. This allows me to place Lairs around that tie into the general threats I expect to see some Solar face. Ruins are your traditional dungeons to delve into. The sandbox creation stuff in Echo Resounding creates a bunch of different environments besides just plain ol’ boring dungeons. By linking those to the Past Lives of the characters, I think I can introduce the back stories at a pace decided by the players. If they get all excited about one particular facet of their past, the Ruin where they discovered this information would clue them in to other Ruins that might also be about that….allowing them to pick the direction the game is going in in the traditional sandbox style.

So, it’s a weird sandbox domain management thing…but with elaborate back stories that might or might not tie in. This gives the players more buy-in, I think and doesn’t revolve around me making some sort of intricate adventure flowchart thing (which I probably wouldn’t do anyway).

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