Posted by: markfender | August 25, 2015

True Detective

Nobody liked this season.
true-detective-season-2-colin-farrellWhich is slightly odd to me. After all, it did everything the first season did, but with MORE… Like any good sequel.

Of course, it’s the “more” that’s kind of the problem. Doubling the number of characters didn’t help, especially when one of them is as pointless as Woodrugh. Losing the first seasons’ director didn’t help either.

But, to me, it pretty much felt like the first season. There was disturbing menace (mostly granted by T Bone Burnett’s excellent score), weird cults, a lot of noir dialogue, damaged cops, a convoluted mystery, commentary on the place of women, and an inexplicable out-of-nowhere action sequence. The only thing the second season was missing was the time gaps of the first (and, I guess, a lot less nudity).

I already mentioned Woodrugh seemed kind of pointless. The only thing he ever actually did that advanced the plot was get in crazy action shootouts. Which, if you need an action hero on your show, I guess that’s fine. But even his backstory wasn’t all that interesting or developed. The MVP to me was Vince Vaughn. Since Clay Pigeons, I’ve always thought that he’s got a greater range than he’s usually given (Typical Vaughn part: talkative asshole with a weird laugh), so it’s nice to see him in something that gives him the chance to spout noir dialogue. Yeah, some of his dialogue is over-the-top noir, but he delivers it with aplomb. And it’s a noir show. What did you expect?

So, I’m not against this season as much as others. If anything, I think it’s odd that everyone loves the first season as much as they do. I mean, I liked the first season, but I thought it had just as many flaws as the second season. So, this isn’t so much a cry for recognition for the second but more of a question about the first.



  1. I also thought Season 2 wasn’t as bad as what everyone I know are saying… Hopefully there will be a season 3¬

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