Posted by: markfender | September 29, 2015

Vert Gaming

We all know extroverts tend to dominate conversations, whereas introverts don’t. But does that apply to gaming as well?

introvertIntroverts aren’t socially maladjusted – they just don’t open up in big crowds. So, with an intimate group of people, I think introverts are just as capable of engaging in the social activity that is gaming as well as extroverts are. But I wonder if there’s a preponderance of introvert types who get into gaming as their social outlet. Maybe a common introvert fantasy is being able to address a crowd, so doing so in the king’s throne room before all his assembled nobles is their way of exploring that space.

Then again, I know quite a few extroverts who game as well. So it doesn’t seem to be a hard and fast rule. But I wonder if the online space changes that any. Because gaming forums are a thing and they seem to be pretty active. Are the introverts participating in online discussions about games, where they can fade into the background after they’ve said their piece? Or is it all the extroverts looking for a different kind of social group?

The reason this came up is that I was curious about one thing about myself – I tend to need some decompression time after gaming – time to figure out what my plots are, time to figure out what questions I forgot to ask the NPCs, etc. I wonder if that’s just the normal introvert decompression-after-social-time activity or specifically tiered to gaming? I don’t know any extroverts that need the same thing, but I haven’t conducted a lengthy study.

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