Posted by: markfender | September 30, 2015

Watch Me Fail

Hey, it’s a new irregular series!

keep-calm-and-watch-me-fail-6I recently moved (It sucked – I don’t advise it) into a new place, so I now have some dedicated hobby space. So, I might actually be able to assemble and paint some miniatures. And obviously, I need to share my work with all of you lovely people.

Thing is, I’m pretty lazy, easily frustrated at my lack of talent/skill, and don’t possess half the shit I need to actually do this (I’m pretty sure any superglue I bought five years ago – the last time I did this – is good and ruined now). So, it didn’t seem like a thing I wanted to put on the blog. I try (try being the operative word) to actually follow through with things I say here. (I don’t know why – I don’t really care about your judgement.)

So, yes, this new series will document my attempts at modelling. I’m not really sure what form that will take yet – I actually haven’t unpacked my long-packed supplies yet. But, if I give up or quit, the “Watch Me Fail” moniker has me covered. Because if I quit in frustration, I still succeeded at this series. It’s foolproof! Weirdly, if I succeed, I will have violated it, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

So get excited. Or not. I’m not sure I am.

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