Posted by: markfender | October 6, 2015

Custom Cosmic Encounters Box

I made this awhile ago, but I thought some pictures would be good.

This is Cosmic Encounters, obviously. But, I’ve managed to fit every single expansion into the main box. With judicious use of foamboard, I subdivided the various sections off to keep everything fairly well organized. At this point, it just looks like a typical Cosmic Encounters box, but once you remove the rules…
You can start to see the giant stack of alien powers as well as how I’ve divided up the various color components.

The spaceship tray lifts out, revealing another four sections for individual components. Each stack contains the plastic ships, the VP token, as well as the planets for each color. I dry fit the components to get the base dimensions, so there’s no precise measuring involved anywhere (which is probably obvious).


Here’s the opposite side, where you can see the tab-method of construction so you can reach in and pull out the alien cards. Likewise, all the individual card decks are separated in the same way so they’re easy to pull out. I used white glue and push pins to hold the bits in place while drying.
Here’s the alien cards pulled out, just so show how many aliens there are. I wish I could have arranged the tokens a little better but I was kind of running out of room at that point. Instead, they’re all just piled up in the corner. Luckily, you don’t need any tokens during a regular game – just certain aliens make use of specialized tokens and a few add-ons require them.
The box barely closes, but it’s all in there. Now, I just need FFG to never come out with another expansion.

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