Posted by: markfender | October 27, 2015

Iron Kingdoms Alternate Injury Table

I almost never post actual game content or house rules on here. I don’t know why.

damagegridIf you’ve played the Iron Kingdoms RPGs in some fashion, you might be familiar with the Injury Table. If you’re taken out in combat, you roll on the Injury Table to determine the actual injury. The problem with the chart is that it doesn’t account for previous injuries, or that this is fifth time this fight you’ve been reduced to 0 Wounds. And, since the chart is weighted to give you minor results over major results (out of a sense of fairness, I’m sure), you just end up rolling Concussion over and over. In our last game, we were all suffering from multiple concussions all the time (which extended to our roleplaying, of course, where we just acted confused and wanted to take a nap).

Now, we were laboring under what I would consider an inordinate amount of Injury Table rolls (we had a mean GM), so this might not be a thing in anyone else’s game. But we felt like the number of times you went down or were hit should probably reflect in the Injury Table in some way. But you can’t just, say, add the extra damage to the die roll on the Injury Table, because the Table is organized so both high and low rolls are worse. It requires a radical restructuring. Here was my solution:

Each time a character is incapacitated, roll 1d6 once on this table to determine his long-term injury. Add an additional die to the roll for every prior roll a character has made on the table during the same scene.

  • 2-4 Concussed
  • 5-8 Battle Scars
  • 9-11 Battered
  • 12-13 Broken Limb
  • 14-16 Spitting Blood
  • 17 Critical Injuries
  • 18 Lost Eye
  • 19 Lost Limb
  • 20 Dead

(Consult your IK rulebook for the effects of these results)

This method still relies upon “average” results giving you very likely injuries, but has the potential for a swingy roll to have greater (or lesser effects). It also accounts for the worsening state of damage. I’m not entirely sold on the order I put the common table results in (Is a Lost Eye less bad than a Lost Limb?), but that’s what playtesting is for, I guess. Which we plan on doing shortly.

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