Posted by: markfender | October 29, 2015

Lady Gaga…


… has had 300 pictures of herself mocked on this blog and is not having it anymore.

(No, seriously. I’m done. The time for crazy outfits has passed. Lady Gaga has gone from “that meat dress girl” to spending most of last year touring with Tony Bennett (surely, the most boring musician on the face of the planet). And now she’s on a television show. The “inspirational” well of kooky outfits has dried up and the difficulty of finding Stefani dressed like someone desperate for your attention has only gotten harder.)


  1. ‘desperate for your attention’

    Oh dear god, please don’t tell me you’re switching to Miley Cyrus pictures…

    (sad to see it go, as this was an amusing series of posts, but yes she has gone a bit stale here of late)

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