Posted by: markfender | November 4, 2015

Dropfleet Commander

Hawk Wargames has launched their Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter. So, get excited.

dropfleetHawk Wargames are responsible for Dropzone Commander, a game that has pretty cool 15mm tanks and does its best to replicate the action of Black Hawk Down (and I’ve been meaning to write about it, but I was sort of waiting until I got some games in…which requires that I buy some minis, which I have yet to do (I’m a very bad consumer)). It looks like a cool game, so the news that Hawk was going to be doing a spaceship game set in the same universe was intriguing. And then pictures of the minis started to circulate.


I mean, look at those. Man, those are awesome. So spiky. So shooty. So phallic.


Or, look at those. Even more spiky. Even more phallic.

Since Hawk Wargames was founded, David Lewis has been talking about his love of Battlefleet Gothic. So, of course, he recruited Andy Chambers to work on a spaceship game. Personally, I’m not a big fan of Chambers, as his designs are very, very British (And by that, I mean that there’s a tendency to let randomness reign, moreso than the equivalent American design. British designs tend to prioritize randomness (almost always brought to you by a d6) because it leads to fun (or funny) situations that create ‘gamer stories,’ whereas other countries’ games tend to focus on tactical depth and minimize the effect dice have on a game), but he’s definitely one of the better designers of that school. While Dropzone Commander has a bit too much randomness for me, I’m still excited to see how those systems translate into space.

Because what’s been spoiled so far sounds intriguing. Ships have a Signature, that increases as they bring weapons to bear. The Signature of a ship adds to the range of an enemy ship attempting to shoot at it – so your ship that just performed the equivalent Alpha Strike can now have range drawn to it from pretty much every other ship on the board. Additionally, the game takes place over a planet’s surface, with the point being to drop your dropships off at incursion sites. So, it seems to stick to the scenario format of the parent game (and how annoying is it that the two games have easily confused names?) with a type of action that never seems to show up in mini games.

There’s some negatives (Hawk Wargames seems unprepared for their Kickstarter’s success, as one of the factions to be unlocked apparently doesn’t even have miniatures produced for it yet. And please, don’t make the rulebook that stupid sideways size, like the Battlefleet Gothic one), but I’m cautiously excited (Or, as excited as one can be, seeing as the delivery date is more than six months away). I’m sure I’ll be pledging for something (kinda waiting to see those other factions) because I need some penis-shaped spaceships in my life.

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