Posted by: markfender | November 18, 2015

Map Credits

One of the most exciting fields of graphic design in upcoming years will be map credits.

winterfell-620x320As Game of Thrones has proven, people are digging fantasy. And what do fantasy novels have that most other novels do not? Maps. I blame Tolkien.

As fantasy series become more viable a medium on television or in movies, it becomes increasingly important to show the maps that graced the front pages of fantasy novels on the bigger screen.

But credits are also supposed to be exciting. Or, at least, visually interesting – not like maps in books, which are almost always just ink drawings. They also need to insert a lot of actual, well, credits, making it important to differentiate between people’s names and place names. I think showing maps in a unique, visually interesting way will become the hottest field in graphic design for credits. The Last Kingdom found a way to do it different than Game of Thrones and future fantasy-inspired programming will continue to have to find new ways to show a new place to an audience.


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