Posted by: markfender | December 16, 2015


We humans sure like to talk about ourselves.

chronicleSince we developed ways to document what’s going on around us, humans have spent a lot of time talking about themselves. From Walden to diaries, pen pals to YouTube, we’ve figured out lots of ways to document stuff.

But the thing that always seems to get documented is ourselves. Whether it be just general feelings, to chronicling historic events or a process, we seem to be fascinated with recording our interior monologues for everyone else to hear.

Which is fine. I’m not a stranger to the idea (I mean, I got a blog and a podcast and a Twitter and a…). I’m just sort of curious why it happens. Why are certain people more disposed to sharing than others? Where do we get the idea that our thoughts and ideas are worth sharing? And if we don’t share them (such as a diary or something), why are we still driven to chronicle what’s happening to us?

Okay, I didn’t really have a point when I started this. Other than to question the very nature of this whole blog. Am I experiencing an existential crisis, or just babbling? And why did I feel it important enough to document that?

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