Posted by: markfender | January 6, 2016

Visual Language

Turns out my eyes are dumb.

what-f-stop-to-use-1I’ve recently been attempting to learn some new software for work. And it’s not going well.

I’ve dabbled in Photoshop before, but never really invested into it. It seemed very complicated and I possess no artistic talent, so it didn’t seem like it would benefit me all that much. Besides, I’m a word person.

But the practicalities of modern business have forced me to at least understand some basic functionality of Photoshop. Okay, fine. I picked up a Dummies book and delved into Photoshop 101.

Turns out I should have started with a Photography 101 or something, because the author of this book just assumes I know what things like f/stop mean. Sadly, I should know what f/stop means because I took a photography course once (Granted it was a very long time ago – we had to go into the darkroom, which should tell you how long ago that actually was). But I don’t remember and reading explanations online is not really helping.

I think this is weird because I understand film language. Perhaps its just because I’m a movie buff, but I know what pans, steadicams, and focus pulling all are and I can identify when they’re being used in a film (I had to stop myself from squeeing during Force Awakens at the single shot that contained four focus pulls, because I recognized the craft behind it). So, it seems I’m well versed in camera movement, but not what actually occurs inside a camera to capture an image.

So, I’ve been trying to learn more stuff about that. But it’s hard work because it turns out I’m pretty ignorant. I don’t think the colorblindness is helping (In fact, that may be the reason I’ve never really invested in figuring this out before now). And my experiments in Photoshop are also pretty slow going. (It only took me three pictures before I understood how the Spot Healing Brush in Photoshop works.)

I don’t know why I just told you about how I don’t know stuff.

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